Technology alone cannot achieve the transition to the Circular Economy. We help organisations reduce, remove or avoid GHG emissions while increasing ROI and meeting societal goals. If you are an organisation seeking to improve the use of your assets and resources to enhance your sustainable competitiveness and attract new clients and key partners, please scroll down to see what we offer.  


Sustainability strategy

Our team explores strategic options and enables the integration of sustainability factors into your business model. We create key performance indicators (KPIs) based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals to monitor performance and track progress. We analyze your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) context to identify risks and opportunities and develop an ESG Action Plan. If you have not yet found a Sustainability Officer, just get in touch!


Circular thinking and competence development

We use various tools and methods to help you understand how resources, products, and waste are managed within your company and throughout your supply chain. These insights enable you to manage resources more sustainably. Adopting circular thinking and developing competencies for sustainable business transformation can create a new company culture. This, in turn, encourages key actors in the supply chain to actively contribute to the formation of sustainable supply chains.


Sustainable business development

We support the development, uptake, and marketability of sustainable products, services, processes, and solutions. Our services include helping startups prepare proposals and participate in business innovation competitions for fundraising and awards. We aim to create synergies among business, technology, and research partners.


Research & innovation projects

We participate in national and international research projects, including strategic research for EU projects focused on Research & Innovation Actions. Our work packages cover circularity, impact assessment, and social sciences and humanities (SSH), enabling the exploration and improvement of new technologies and methods. The aim is to produce valuable insights and replicable findings with regards to social, environmental and economic activities, as well as to contribute to knowledge dissemination around circularity performance.

Supporting Partner

Supporting Partner

We are supporting Hubs4Circularity as part of the Horizon Europe Programme to establish a European Community of Practice. Our goal is to provide advice to the consortium and support project activities to promote circularity opportunities throughout Europe.

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