Technology alone is not enough to achieve the transition to the Circular Economy. We help you to integrate processes, solutions and business models to reduce, remove or avoid GHG emissions and increase ROI, while meeting societal goals. If you are an organisation willing to make better use of assets and resources to reinforce your sustainable competitiveness and attract new clients and key partners, scroll down and see what we do.  


Strategic research & consulting

We conduct strategic research to co-design and innovate your business model so that it fits your long-term vision. Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals we create KPIs to monitor performance and adjust according to objectives. We analyse your ESG context to identify risks, opportunities and develop an ESG Action Plan. If you haven't found your Sustainability Officer yet, just get in touch!


Circular Innovation

With the use of circular thinking tools you get a clear understanding of what is involved in implementing circular methodologies in your company to facilitate change. We are trained as circularity thinking trainers. We help you develop skills that scale up your innovation approach to the circular economy and embed circularity in your company's culture.


Sustainable Business Development

We create synergies among business, technology and research partners to enable the development, uptake and marketability of sustainable products, processes and solutions. The aim is to maximise resource efficiency and contribute to the configuration of circular supply chains.


Project planning

We take ideas from concept to a project plan. We participate in EU projects focused on Research & Innovation Actions allowing for the exploration or improvement of new technologies and methods. We also work with companies to take sustainability initiatives such as workshops and business innovation competitions to produce valuable insights and contribute to knowledge transfer.

Supporting Partner

Supporting Partner

We support the Hubs4Circularity under the Horizon Europe Programme for the establishment of a European Community of Practice. Our aim is to contribute to the project's vision by giving advice to the consortium and supporting project activities towards the dissemination of circularity opportunities across Europe.