What We Do


Strategy Intelligence Service

Strategy intelligence provides your company/organisation with valuable insights about important trends observed in your industry and the broader socio-economic context within which your company operates. This, is key to understand where to direct your innovation initiatives related to technological, social and organisational change, and capable of unlocking potential for sustainable growth.

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Sustainable Business Development

Urban Camel analyses your company's business model and spots areas for potential improvements to enable sustainable supply chain management and adaptation to the climate change challenges. We also assist you to promote the sustainable image and performance of your products and services through the acquisition of eco-labels and certifications that are relevant to your industry. Interested? Just send us a note!

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Research and Innovation Projects

Urban Camel participates in EU funded research and demonstration projects aiming at decarbonization and the transition towards the circular economy. Our company acts as a link between technical and business departments translating scientific knowledge into business language facilitating you in this way to make business decisions that reinforce your sustainable competitiveness.

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