Your partner through transitioning to the Circular Economy

Technology alone is not enough to achieve the transition to the low-carbon economy. We can help you to integrate processes, solutions and business models to reduce, remove or avoid GHG emissions and meet societal goals. If you are an organisation willing to make better use of assets and resources to reinforce your sustainable competitiveness, scroll down and see what we do.  


Strategic Research & Innovation

What is the problem that has to be addressed? Based on the customer's need we formulate a research methodology and co-design a new business model to reduce costs, disrupt the market and enable your transition to the circular economy. We participate to collaborative projects focused on RIA (Research& Innovation Actions) that allow the exploration or improvement of new technologies and methods.


Marketability of sustainable products

How do you envision the evolution of your product? New materials, products, services, processes, systems and technologies developed to solve a problem and meet customers' needs, while contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions need to be accepted by the market. We create synergies that foster the market acceptance and uptake for sustainable products, and build brand reputation.


ESG - Social & Environmental sustainability

Assessing social, environmental and governance factors to retain and attract new clients, partners and investors. This activity demonstrates the engagement of UN SDGs. It facilitates the generation of ESG reports, it meets the requirements of EU Horizon 2020 projects for integration of Social Sciences & Humanities, as well as the InvestEU programme guidelines for financing solutions for both public and private project promoters.


Shaping circular supply chains

Develop circular thinking and sustainability skills to encourage a mindshift and move from a "throwaway and replace" to a "return and renew" culture, which is essential to shape circular supply chains and secure their continuity. This involves cross-sector collaboration, extracting and sharing lessons learnt on specific project results and business case studies to enable capacity building and knowledge transfer in a practical way.

Our mission is to provide the tools that assist your organisation to improve ROI, the efficiency of the supply chain and your social and environmental performance. This results to a better customer experience and higher enterprise status.

Our vision is to be your partner through transitioning to the Circular Economy and
co-create sustainable business ecosystems.

Urban Camel is a niche strategic research & innovation agency for the low-carbon economy. We work across industries, while our area of expertise is in the water-energy-food nexus and the blue economy (marine-related industries).

We believe that our urban and business ecosystems can be inspired by natural ecosystems in the way they interact and manage resources. Based on the principles of Industrial Ecology and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Urban Camel supports organisations to build a business culture and embed a business logic that creates economic growth, environmental benefits and value for the society and stakeholders.

Within the context of the climate crisis and changing needs, Urban Camel helps you to co-design business strategies for the transition to the circular economy, the preparation of ESG reports, capacity building on circular thinking, and circular market transition focused on fostering the uptake for sustainable products and technologies. We act as a link between technical and business departments translating scientific knowledge into business language.

We focus on social innovation; new ways of interacting or connecting your business with your value network/supply chain for better, longer and smarter use of resources and assets. In particular, the integration of sustainability factors in your business strategy that foster resource optimisation, improvement of environmental capabilities, risk reduction and control, new forms of creating value, and societal benefits.

We always remain open to new synergies and the expansion of our network of international partners and domain experts to work together towards common goals. In association with Oakdene Hollins, experts in science-led research and value-driven consulting for the circular economy, we operate and offer services from offices in London.

Eliza Panagiotidou

Founder and Managing Director

Industrial ecologist and concept developer. Eliza develops and implements strategic pathways and research methodologies for the transition to circular supply chains. She creates business case studies and learning material for sustainable innovation and growth.

Natalia Sarmanto

Associate Researcher

Natalia is a sustainability professional with background in economics and expertise in science and technology of sustainability. Her focus is on the efficient use of raw materials. Nature lover, snowboard and surf fan!

Associate Partners

Technical, science-led, circular economy consultancy.

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