Managing smartly scarce resources
Adapting to harsh environmental conditions
Preventing risk ...
It's a camel's life!

How can industry learn from camels and natural ecosystems to manage resources in a smart and sustainable way?


Urban Camel is an international niche research and strategy agency for the low-carbon economy.
Based on the principles of Industrial Ecology, Urban Camel conducts strategic research to identify opportunities for technological, social, and organisational innovation that lead to sustainable resource management, decarbonization and improved circularity.

We belive in the power of making synergies, exchanging resources, and preserving diversity in order to be resilient.
Urban Camel is headquartered in Athens, Greece while maintaining a wide network of international partners and domain experts, fostering in this way cross-sector collaboration. In association with Oakdene Hollins, expert in science-led research and value-driven consulting for the circular economy, we operate and offer services from London offices.

Our vision is to become the agency that paves the way for purpose-driven and resilient business ecosystems that produce and offer products and services in a way that delivers long-lasting value for consumers, stakeholders and the environment.

Our mission is to enable organisations and communities to understand the impact of their key activities and inspire them to adopt approaches and behavioral habits that minimise such impact.


Eliza Panagiotidou

Managing Director

Natalia Sarmanto

Associate Researcher

Associate Partners

Associate Partners

What We Do


Strategy Intelligence Service

Strategy intelligence provides your company/organisation with valuable insights about the broader socio-economic context within which your company operates and important factors affecting your industry. This, is key to understand not only where to direct your innovation initiatives in relation to technological, social and organisational change, but also the type of business decisions that need to be made to achieve sustainable growth. Interested? Just send us a note!

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Sustainable Ecosystem Support

Urban Camel looks into your product's/ service's lifecycle and identifies points of intervention to support and promote your organisation's sustainable transformation. We assist you to build customer-supplier relationships and implement business strategies that enable your ecosystem's sustainable development. We can also help you to communicate the environmentally-friendly image and performance of your products and services through the acquisition of eco-labels and certifications relevant to your industry.

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Research and Innovation Projects

Urban Camel works on EU research & innovation funding projects and participates in consortia aiming at scaling up high impact innovations and contributing to multiple sustainability goals. Our company acts as a link between technical and business departments translating scientific knowledge into business language, facilitating in this way organisations to adopt approaches that reinforce their sustainable competitiveness, create resilient communities, and lead to the regeneration of natural ecosystems.

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