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Technology itself can't achieve the transition to the low-carbon economy. Our close to market research & innovation activities support the integration of processes, solutions, strategies and relationships to address complex socio-economic challenges and meet societal goals.


Circular economy and environmental objectives

1. Evaluate the circularity performance of industrial products and associated business operations, and determine the activities with the biggest impact. 2. Identify points of intervention to improve the circulation of value and circularity performance. 3. Co-design strategic directions with the integration of sustainability factors to ensure compliance with environmental objectives (climate change adaptation, mitigation, pollution prevention, circular economy, biodiversity and protection of marine resources).

Our mission is to help technology companies and organisations understand the social and environmental impact of their key activities and integrate processes that upgrade the quality of life for all stakeholder groups.

Our vision is to pave the way for the formation of purpose-driven business ecosystems that provide products and services in a way that retains value over multiple lifecycles, and spurs socio-consciousness and nature conservation.  

Urban Camel is a niche strategic research & innovation agency for the low-carbon economy, specialized in the water-food-energy nexus from a socio-economic perspective.

Based on the principles of Industrial Ecology, Urban Camel supports organisations to meet circular economy objectives and Sustainable Development Goals by integrating social innovation (new ways of interacting or connecting business and people for better use of resources and assets) in projects.

Within the context of the climate crisis and changing needs, Urban Camel acts as a link between technical and business departments translating scientific knowledge into business language. It facilitates organisations to adopt new strategies that promote the development of optimised, environmentally-friendly technologies, the creation of economic value, social wellbeing, behavior change, and process innovation.

We work across industries, while our area of expertise is in blue growth and marine-related industries. With our research and innovation actions we participate in projects related to offshore renewable energies, the port and shipping industry, aquaculture etc. Other sectors in which we are experienced include energy-related products (ErP) and waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), sustainable packaging, and remanufacturing of equipment.

We believe that our urban and business ecosystems can be inspired by natural ecosystems in the way they interact and manage resources. Embedding the notion of longevity, stewardship and social involvement from the design level of products and services can reinforce the resilience of supply networks and communities.

We always remain open to new synergies and the expansion of our network of international partners and domain experts to work together towards common goals. In association with Oakdene Hollins, experts in science-led research and value-driven consulting for the circular economy, we operate and offer services from offices in London.
LDK Consultants

LDK Consultants

LDK Consultants is a leading consulting group of companies based in Greece and operating in various countries worldwide. The company offers integrated solutions in engineering and project management, energy, enviornment, and socio-economic development among others while it has completed over 2.500 projects of sustainable development.

We cooperated with LDK Consultants within the context of a Green Economy Transition (GET) research project launched by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on the creation of industrial zones in Lebanon and the identification of specific investment components for EBRD with a significant GET impact potential.

To support this project we analysed the social and economic impact deriving from the creation of two specific industrial zones in Lebanon and conducted research to identify international benchmarks and KPI's for evaluations.

DQS Hellas

DQS Hellas

DQS Hellas is a member of the German DQS Holding GmbH, the official certification body of Germany with the largest worldwide network. 

DQS Hellas aims at the granting of an eco-design certificate for energy-related products (ErP) based on the EU Directive 2009/125/EC and the relevant eco-design requirements.

We supported the company in project planning, regulatory monitoring and analysis, and the preparation of a specific internal regulation necessary to obtain the granting. 

AquaBioTech Group

AquaBioTech Group

The AquaBioTech Group is an international consulting company based in Malta, which undertakes projects in the fields of aquatic environment, aquaculture and fisheries. The company has strong R&D capabilities and its services include business consulting, market intelligence, and strategic operations management.

In collaboration with the AquaBioTech Group we worked on a specific project, EU initiative, for the decarbonization of the port and shipping industry and transition to the circular economy. We contributed to the port system mapping by analysing the socio-economic context, by identifying intervention points in the port status-quo for future improvement and compiled a set of best practices for adaptation measures to climate change challenges and sustainable port development.


Eliza Panagiotidou

Founder and Managing Director

Industrial ecologist, intrinsically motivated, continuous learner, creative, enthusiastic, focused on creating circular business ecosystems inspired by the resilience of natural ecosystems.

Natalia Sarmanto

Associate Researcher

Helsinki based sustainability professional, background in economics and expertise in science and technology of sustainability, nature lover, snowboard and surf fan, focused on the efficient use of raw materials.

Associate Partners

Technical, science-led, circular economy consultancy.

Associate Partners

Aquaculture, fisheries, and environmental consulting, development, testing, and research company.

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