ESG commitment for resilient beauty

Divine Seeds was founded to address skin quality deterioration and dehydration. To do so, it concentrates on its hero ingredients, prickly pear and artichoke, sourced from the microclimate of Greece (Creta Island), delivering unisex, vegan, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free facial skin products for all ages, skin colors and types by exploiting their highly resilient, antioxidant and hydrating identities.

With the use of visual business tools we showcased how Divine Seeds creates sustainable value. In this presentation we explained how the company integrates its economic, ecologic and social values in its business model and the entire supply chain. This highlights how Divine Seeds supports sustainable production (supply side) and consumption (demand side) patterns to achieve greater results with less resources. By defining its ESG commitments and their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals we created the basis for an ESG Action Plan to be used as a framework to track progress on specific targets. 

Further to that, with our knowledge transfer initiatives and through our participation to ISPIM Athens 2022 we contributed to the dissemination of sector-specific insights to inspire sustainable innovation in business ecosystems.