Sustainable port management for climate adaptation

The AquaBioTech Group is an international consulting company based in Malta, which undertakes projects in the fields of aquatic environment, aquaculture and fisheries. The company has strong R&D capabilities and its services include business consulting, market intelligence, and strategic operations management. 

The maritime sector accounts for 90% of global trade and 2.2% of global GHG emissions. In collaboration with the AquaBioTech Group we contributed to the EU initiative, 'Resilient, net-zero emissions maritime hubs'.  

We analyzed the socio-economic context of the Port of Piraeus and Valencia Port hub and identified intervention points in the ports' status-quo (regulations, technologies, user values, institutions) for future improvement. We showcased the best practices of ports around the world in terms of adaptation measures to climate change challenges and sustainable port development in line with the protection of marine biodiversity and regeneration of marine ecosystems based on EU Taxonomy. 

The project aims at creating an innovation portfolio to enable the decarbonization of the port and shipping industry and the transition to the circular economy.