Strategy Intelligence Service


Strategic intellingence includes:

  • Socio-economic context analysis: Urban Camel analyses the status quo of your organisation to give you an overview of the most important factors including regulations, technologies, and customer needs but also economic, social, and  environmental trends that influence your organisation. This is a crucial first step to unlock potential for sustainable growth.
  • Business model case study: The generation of a business model case study has an informative and inspirational character as it raises awareness and disseminates knowledge regarding adaptation measures to climate change challenges and best practices enabling the achievement of net-zero emissions in various industries. It presents strategic choices made from entrepreneurs and managers for the creation and retention of value. It may also include an assessment of an organisation's or a company's business model potential that serves as a tool to enable collaboration, and encourage starategic partnerships and synergies among firms, and among firms and investors in the exploration of sustainable business opportunities.