Urban Camel is a niche strategic research and innovation agency with expertise in sustainable growth and the transition to the Circular Economy.

The name Urban Camel is a metaphor that represents how businesses can build resilience and longevity by mimicking natural ecosystems in the way living organisms interact and manage resources.

We act as a liaison between technical and business departments, translating research outcomes into specific and impactful implementations. We work across industries while our area of expertise lies in the Water-Food-Energy nexus and Blue Growth. Blue Growth is a long-term strategy implemented by the European Commission to promote sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors and utilize the untapped potential of Europe's oceans as drivers for the European green economy.

Urban Camel has been awarded the Silver Award for Green Start-Up at the Green Brand Awards 2023 and has also been nominated for the South Europe Start-Up Awards.

We are always open to new synergies and expanding our network of international partners and domain experts. If you are interested in exploring opportunities for a new venture, please feel free to get in touch.