Urban Camel is an international niche research and strategy agency for the low-carbon economy.
Based on the principles of Industrial Ecology, Urban Camel conducts strategic research to identify opportunities for technological, social, and organisational innovation that lead to sustainable resource management, decarbonization and improved circularity.

We belive in the power of making synergies, exchanging resources, and preserving diversity in order to be resilient.
Urban Camel is headquartered in Athens, Greece while maintaining a wide network of international partners and domain experts, fostering in this way cross-sector collaboration. In association with Oakdene Hollins, expert in science-led research and value-driven consulting for the circular economy, we operate and offer services from London offices.

Our vision is to become the agency that paves the way for purpose-driven and resilient business ecosystems that produce and offer products and services in a way that delivers long-lasting value for consumers, stakeholders and the environment.

Our mission is to enable organisations and communities to understand the impact of their key activities and inspire them to adopt approaches and behavioral habits that minimise such impact.