Urban Camel is an international niche strategic research & innovation agency for the low-carbon economy headquartered in Athens, Greece.

Based on the principles of Industrial Ecology and expertise in integrating socio-economic and environmental aspects in the development of sustainable solutions within the context of climate crisis and changing needs, Urban Camel supports projects and organisations to co-design strategies, innovation initiatives, and (customer-supplier) relationships that lead to improved circularity.

Urban Camel acts as a link between technical and business departments translating scientific knowledge into business language. In this way, it facilitates organisations to adopt approaches that reinforce their sustainable competitiveness, create resilient communities, and lead to the regeneration of natural ecosystems.

We work on research & innovation projects with the aspiration to scale up high impact innovations and contribute to multiple sustainability goals. We work across industries, while our area of expertise is in blue growth, the water-food-energy nexus, which includes marine-related sectors such as offshore renewable energies, the port and shipping industry, aquaculture etc. Other sectors in which we are experienced include energy-related products (ErP) and waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), sustainable packaging, and remanufacturing of equipment.

Urban Camel belives in the power of making synergies, exchanging information and resources, and preserving cultural diversity. For this reason it has created a network of international partners and domain experts thereby fostering cross-sector collaboration. In association with Oakdene Hollins, experts in science-led research and value-driven consulting for the circular economy, we operate and offer services from offices in London.

Our vision is to pave the way for the formation of purpose-driven business ecosystems with synergistic benefits, which produce and offer products and services in a way that retains their value over multiple lifecycles, and spurs socio-consciousness and nature conservation.

Our mission is to enable organisations and communities to understand the impact of their key activities and inspire them to embrace circular value chains, and adopt behavioral habits that minimise such impact.